Cyber Security Solutions

We can help you keep your data safe and provide your business with a variety of security options to protect your organization.

Data backup and Disaster recovery

With NetDNA, you can protect your business from loss of data and recover from complete server failures. We offer a variety of backup solutions and we will tailor a plan for you based on your unique needs and budgets.

Malware Protection

With NetDNA’s managed antivirus software, your organization can be confident that their devices and data will always stay protected from malware. The advanced multi-layer protection system works in harmony with Endpoint Detection & Response technology to remove any threats without end-users knowing they were even there!

Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR)

DFIR is the application of forensics to cybersecurity, in order to determine how systems and networks have been breached. You can use DFIR to find suspicious files that should be further examined; NetDNA helps you with determining what course action would most benefit your company.

Patch Management

NetDNA can help you with getting your patch management system up and running in the right direction. Patches will make sure that systems are not vulnerable to bugs, so they’re a must for any business that takes its security seriously!

Let’s Make IT Happen

Whatever your cyber security needs, NetDNA can offer practical solutions to ensure your business is protected in the digital world.

Let’s have a chat today and discuss what we can do for you!